Salt of the Land – 7 Masters of Palestinian Art

Documentary directed by Amir A. Abdi (2017) –


“The paintings of Samir Salamah are abstract images which combine consciousness of twentieth century Cubism and abstract expressionism with the geometric divisions one sees in Arabic abstraction. It seems that artists of the Arab World unconsciously express in their work the fitting of parts together to fill foreground space. The division of the surface into parts, all of which seem to have the outline of positive parts, is peculiar to their work… When all shapes have the nature of positive shapes then they have both the tendency of seeming to push forward as well as the tendency to be pulled back by the forward motion of neighbouring shapes… In some of Salamah’s works one senses that the textures have grown strong and the see-sawing action might soon create an artistic explosion of color and painterly life which will challenge the formal boundaries of the painting.”

— Samia A. Halaby
Painter, New York.

(Samia A. Halaby is recognized as one of the Arab world’s leading contemporary painters)

“I invite you now to come with me to discover the journey of one artist, Samir Salameh, who has been living in exile and wandering the world in search of his roots and his lost homeland. He wanders among the colours and abstract representations that he has created along the way… The summer of 1996 was a significant step in Samir’s journey. He visited his hometown of Safed for the first time and was shocked and saddened by the impossibility of finding his childhood home as described by his parents. From that moment, Samir has refused to surrender to the consequences of Al-Nakba, and Palestinian Safed shines again through his lines and colours, as he becomes more and more determined to hold on to its roots and prepare to return.”

— Hanan Wakeem
Palestinian Art Court, Al Hoash Gallery.

“Samir Salameh is a phenomenal person. His free spirit dominates his abstract painting. His daring mix of colors and striking compositions carry a mysterious harmony. One can transcend the present into the imaginative, moving into the surreal for a few moments.”

— Rula Alami
Curator, Lebanon.