1972 Graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Painting, Damascus.
1975-1976 Studied Architecture in the Ecole Supérieure Nationale Des Arts, Paris.
1978-1980 Studied “Optical Communications” in L’Ecole Supérieure Nationale Des Arts, Paris.
1981 Graduated from L’Ecole Supérieure Nationale Des Beaux Arts, Paris, painting.
1979-1981 Taught painting and photography at L’Université de Jussieu, Paris.
1978-1981 Worked in the Technical Section, UNESCO, Paris.

Solo Exhibitions 1963-2005
Had a number of personal exhibitions in Syria, Morocco, France, Algeria, Cyprus,
Germany, Tunisia, Denmark, Greece, Egypt, Yugoslavia, and Cuba.

Most important Group Exhibitions 1969-2005
1969 Autumn Salon, Damascus.
1972 Arab Contemporary Art Faire, Cyprus.
1973 Unter Grafic, Berlin.
1974 1st Arab Biennale, Baghdad-Iraq.
1976 Venice Biennale, Italy.
1977 Neuvième Festival International des Arts, Cannes.
1978 International Exhibition for Palestine.
1978 Afro-Asian Artists Society, Tokyo, Japan.
1979 Autumn Salon, Paris.
1979 International Salon of Fine Arts, Lisbon, Portugal.
1979 Oriental Arts Museum, Moscow.
1980 Modern Art Museum, Warsaw, Poland.
1980 Modern Art Museum, Tarragona, Spain.
1981 Exhibition of eight artists from the Arab World, Rabat.
1981 Kunstnernef Art Gallery, Oslo, Norway.
1983 Gallérie Davidson, Tours, France.
1984 Exhibition of the House of Opera, Stockholm, Sweden.
1985 MALL Gallery , India.
1986 Comparisons in Contemporary Art, France, Japan, Arab world, Grand Palace, Paris.
1986 Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
1987 Opera House, Sydney, Australia.
1989 Alhambra Gallery, Paris.
1998 Palestinian Art Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden.
2000 Artothéque, Montreal, Canada.
2002 Musée Dufresne, Montreal, Canada.
2005 The Colours of Life and Liberty, UNESCO, Paris.
2017 7 Masters of Palestinian Art – International Art Colony, Budapest, Hungary.
2018 Zawyeh Gallery, Ramallah, Retrospective by Samir Salameh.
2018 Gallery One, Ramallah, Retrospective exhibition by Samir Salameh.

Participated in International Festivals
Asila International Festival, Morocco.
Festival International Des Arts à Cannes, France.
Potsdam Festival, Germany.
Rythmes de Palestine, Montreal, Canada.

Owners of his works
Ministry of Culture, Syria.
Modern Art Museum, Tunisia.
Potsdam Museum, Germany.
National Museum, Amman, Jordan.
National Museum of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Private Collections

Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, France,
Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Qatar, Canada.

Casablanca, Morocco.
Cairo, Egypt.
Jifna, Palestine.

Designer & Curator of the exhibition; “100 Martyrs, 100 Lives”in 2001. In Cooperation with Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah.